19 – 22 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





Automakers are demanding higher levels of dynamic charge-acceptance (DCA) to improve the fuel economy of their cars. This objective must, however, be achieved without accelerating any deleterious effects, such as water consumption. This particular feature has posed a real challenge to the industry as the addition of fine carbon particles to improve DCA often comes at the expense of heightened water consumption. The issue is so important that some in the industry are forecasting that the market share of lead–acid battery will drop to only a 20% market share (automotive) if the DCA problem is not resolved. The presentation discusses the development by ArcActive of a novel, carbon fibre based, negative electrode that has both very high DCA and low water consumption. Batteries with ArcActive negatives have also been through a full range of 12-V automotive battery tests with excellent results. While ArcActive electrodes do require a novel pasting process for mass production, they can otherwise be manufactured on existing production lines. After a lengthy development process, ArcActive is now poised for market entry.

Stuart McKenzie
Chief Executive Officer

Stuart McKenzie has served as the CEO of ArcActive since it was founded in 2011. Prior to this, he had a 10 year career in Venture Capital where he was a partner in two Venture Company companies. Stuart has a Degree in Civil Engineering and an MBA.