19 – 22 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





With recycle rates approaching 100%, lead‒acid batteries are among the most sustainable of society’s consumer products. Moreover, if current technical deficiencies in dynamic charge-acceptance and cycle-life are remedied, the batteries could prove appropriate for micro-hybrid vehicles and for integrating renewable energy into the grid. This presentation explains how the Advanced Expander developed by the Hammond Group has lifted the performance of the lead‒acid battery to significantly higher levels of charge-acceptance and cycle-life. As a hybrid vehicle’s battery must accommodate rapid and intermittent charge‒discharge cycling, so too must a grid storage battery handle the inherent gaps between intermittent wind and solar power generation and time-of-day consumption. Both applications require the battery to perform well under high-rate partial state-of-charge (HRPSoC) operations, i.e., to accept a wide range of charging amps at various states-of-charge. Traditional designs of lead‒acid battery and their additives have given inadequate performance under such conditions, primarily due to the development of dense, electrically-inert films of lead sulfate on the surface of the negative plate. As a result, the dynamic charge-acceptance of the battery declines rapidly and drastically shortens operational life. Hammond Group, a global leader in performance additives for lead‒acid batteries, has addressed failure modes in HRPSoC applications. By focusing on advanced materials and screening techniques, Hammond’s research has revealed insights that challenge conventional wisdom. The work has culminated in the release of Hammond’s line of Advanced Expanders for a broad range of applications without compromising other key performance characteristics. To demonstrate the benefits given by the expanders in start‒stop vehicles, Hammond Group has partnered with the Fraunhofer Institute to develop a test protocol based on vehicle drive cycles.

Gordon Beckley
Hammond Group Inc.
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

In chronological order since 1999, Gordon Beckley has held senior positions with GNB Technologies Australia, Exide Technologies, GS Battery (USA) Inc., and Trojan Battery Company. Currently, he is the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Hammond Group Inc.