19 – 22 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





PMB is the supplier of the Main Storage Battery (MSB) to the Collins Class Submarines and has started to explore the data collected during the battery life-cycle to improve the customer experience and enhance future cell development. Due to PMBs involvement throughout the process from manufacture to final disposal, information is available from the following stages: raw material selection, battery production, commissioning; in-service performance (via PMB Battery Probe and on-board logging system), in-service failures, end-of-life performance testing (conducted on return of battery set). In order to perform the analysis effectively, it is necessary to set up a framework that can capture and arrange the vast amounts of data. As the submarine application under study is quite specific there is no option other than to develop custom algorithms. The steps involved include data import, data conditioning, data alignment, analysis and reporting. The presentation will show that PMB has already started to detect some trends that appear to be characteristic of particular battery faults in the application. The short-term aims for the analysis are to advise preferred maintenance routines based on cell performance and predict rogue cells before they become an issue.

Larry Scuteri
PMB Defence
Senior Engineer

Larry Scuteri holds a Bachelor of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with Honours and a Bachelor of Finance from the University of Adelaide. He started his career in 2010 via the Defence Material Organisation Graduate Program that allowed him to accelerate his development as an Engineer. Larry joined PMB in 2012 is now the leader for Engineering Support to the Collins community. He has made significant advances in the management and utilization of data to provide timely battery advice.