19 – 22 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





Pyrotek, which is a global engineering leader and innovator of technical solutions and integrated systems design, works with nonferrous metals companies world-wide to help improve performance of high-temperature processes. Pyrotek products and solutions are in employed in automotive, aerospace, rail transportation and high-tech manufacturing. For lead‒acid battery plants, Pyrotek produces a lead-recovery system that enables the operator to recover lead metal from dross or skimmings in-house via a thermomechanical process. The typical recovery rate from skimmings is between 60 and 80 wt.%. This metal has significant value. Moreover, any residue of lead-oxide powder residue can serve as feed material for smelters. With plants that are processing antimonial alloys, the alloy remains in the recovered lead. An overview of the Pyrotek lead-recovery system will be presented, together with several experiences with the equipment at battery plants and the subsequent benefits that end-users have reported. The system has also replaced old remelt furnaces due to its energy efficiency and very clean operation. Whilst processing, the system does not require a dedicated operator nor a standby attendant. Many lead-processing plants now use the Pyrotek technology every day and, with the increasing cost of metal, the advantages associated with in-house lead recovery are increasing.

Brendt Halliday
Pyrotek Australia
Business Manager

Brendt Halliday is Pyrotek’s business manager for steel, zinc, lead and glass in Australia. He has worked in the molten metal industry for thirty years and is responsible for product solutions in this industry, as well as in other high-temperature sectors. Brendt’s key focus is on assisting manufacturers to reduce waste stream materials and increase direct bottom-line profits, by using metal-recovery systems, molten metal pumps and associated equipment. He is a tradesman in the foundry engineering field and holds a master’s degree in management from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.