19 – 22 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





Ecoult is developing a market for the UltraBattery® ― a hybrid device that combines lead–acid and ultracapacitor chemistry into one cell ― in the growing requirement for energy-storage facilities to support grid stability, renewable integration, and microgrids. In these applications, UltraBattery® systems operate in a partial state-of-charge (PSoC) and have demonstrated equivalent or better performance than competing technologies such as lithium Ion. Moreover, this advantage holds even in the most intense of power and energy duties that, for example, are experienced the US frequency regulation market. Traditionally, lead–acid has performed poorly under PSoC duty ― first, because of irreversible sulfation of the negative plate and, second, because monitoring, management and control of battery strings has not been sufficiently understood and developed. The latter requirement is crucial when long strings operate under PSoC conditions as the battery may go weeks without opportunity for any maintenance activity, such as a refresh cycle, and must remain fully equalized while supporting ad-hoc power profiles through years of continuous service. Systems must remain capable of supporting high charge and discharge requests at all times reliably while staying within operating voltage and temperature limits. The challenges of the energy-storage revolution can be well met by the advances in modern lead–acid technology. Ecoult has gathered experience through operating MW-scale UltraBattery® systems in the field for more than 5 years. This presentation will share the field experience and technical knowledge gained by Ecoult while competing at the leading edge of the growth in energy storage.

John Wood
Ecoult Energy Storage Solutions
Chief Executive Officer

John Wood is the Chief Executive Officer of Ecoult. He joined the energy storage community in 2008 having previously launched technologies globally in Security, Identity, Payment Technology, and Telecommunications. As a technology CEO for more than 20 years, John has had the good fortune to have worked with outstanding individuals and to have led excellent teams that have created businesses and numerous successful products and solutions. He is now leading the Ecoult effort to commercialize the UltraBattery® technology.