19 – 22 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





End-users and battery producers are developing and implementing more rigorous performance standards to improve battery life. Industrial batteries often experience deep cycling, partial state-of charge (PSOC) duty, and overcharge situations. The separator must participate actively in such operational environments. Flooded and gel batteries that encounter cycling conditions in motive and reserve power, electric-rickshaws and automotive applications will require a new-generation separator to reduce PSOC-hydration shorts, limit water loss, prevent oxidation, and improve electrolyte diffusion. The Hi-SepTM product ― designed by Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) with novel fibres, fillers and binders ― has repeatedly demonstrated oxidation resistance, high electrolyte diffusion, and leachate-free characteristics. In further work, H&V has developed Hi-Sep UltimaTM, which in addition to possessing all of the performance attributes of Hi-SepTM, also reduces water loss (confirmed by antimony-suppression tests) and hydration shorts (confirmed by scanning electron micrographs and gravimetric measurements). Hi-SepTM technology delivers premium separators to maximize battery performance.

Mahadevaswamy Kodimole Mahadevappa
Hollingsworth and Vose

Mr Kodimole Mahadevappa is a postgraduate in polymer science from the University of Mysore. In 2007, he joined Raman FibreScience that, in 2014, became part of Hollingsworth & Vose. He has undertaken research on flooded lead–acid batteries for ten years and is the author of several patents.

Natesh Gubbi Krishnappa
Hollingsworth & Vose
Director, Technology, India

He has over 25 years of hands on experience. His prior experience of 14 years has been in R&D with Raman Boards Ltd (Now ABB Ltd) and its affiliated companies. His area of expertise spans wet laid technologies, polymer and fibre-polymer interactions, paper technology, product and process development, IPR, innovation management, projects, energy cost reduction initiatives. He has design and operational knowledge of various configurations of paper and specialty paper machines. He has been the prime driver in development of Hi SepTM battery separator materials, AGM separator and filtration materials. He has spear headed contract research projects with Defense organizations in India and companies in India and abroad. He several patents to his credit.