19 – 22 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





Battery manufacturers in Japan, China and European have played a key role in developing new test methods for automotive starter batteries. The presentation addresses the progress of the IEC60095 series of standards that are being formulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission for lead–acid starter batteries. IEC60095-1 relates to ‘Lead–acid starter batteries. Part 1: General requirements and methods of test’. This standard is at a revision stage, particularly with respect to the life-cycle test. IEC60095-6 is ‘Lead–acid starter batteries. Part 6: Batteries for Micro-Cycle Applications’. This new work item proposal (NWIP) is based on both the SBA S0101 2014 and the EN 50324-6 2015 versions. The method of testing Start & Stop performance is different from that in IEC60095-1. IEC60095-7 is ‘Lead–acid starter batteries. Part 7: General requirements and methods of test for motorcycle batteries’. This NWIP is based on the JIS D 50342 standard.

Akira Osada
Battery Association of Japan
General Manager

Mr Osada has 30 years of experience in the battery industry during which he worked for the Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery, which is now Hitachi Chemical, and was in charge of the setting up of a factory in China and another in Thailand. He is now with the Battery Association of Japan (BAJ) and is the Japanese secretary of TC21.