19 – 22 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





The objective of this work is to develop a high-efficiency, low noise and energy-saving mill that will produce refined lead oxide for improving the electrical properties of batteries. The equipment has robot feeding and the lead ingots are cut into small parts with no attendant damage, burning and lead emissions. A cyclone collector is employed and has a high filtration precision and efficiency, a lifetime of two-to-three times that of a cloth bag, and a reduced cost. Digital control enables the speed to be adjusted according to the degree of lead oxidation and thereby ensures good product quality and high energy efficiency. The presentation reports comparisons of (i) the physical parameters (e.g., specific surface-area, crystal structure, apparent density, degree of oxidation) of the refined lead oxide and the conventional product and (ii) the consequent influence on the electrical properties of batteries (e.g., capacity, charging acceptance capacity, cycle life). A third-generation oxide mill with an operation noise below 80 decibels is currently under development.

Huang Chao
Better (Xiamen) Power Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Manager

Huang Chao has been in charge of the Services and Projects departments at Better (Xiamen) Power Technology Co., Ltd. for many years. He guides a team to provide services and project solutions for the company’s valued clients. Huang prides himself on his willingness to assist each client to problem solve and improve, as he recommends suitable products and services.