19 – 22 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





MOLECULAR REBAR® is a performance-enhancing battery additive comprised of discrete carbon nanotubes (dCNT), which are uniformly distributed within negative and/or positive battery pastes via an aqueous dispersion. The addition of MOLECULAR REBAR® simultaneously improves electrical performance and bolsters active-material strength. By providing more efficient charging and structural durability, batteries with MOLECULAR REBAR® are better able to withstand aggressive cycling requirements ― both deep-cycle and partial state-of-charge (PSoC) ― by overcoming deficit charging and suppressing both sulfation and material shedding/growth. The products are easily incorporated into existing pasting lines without changes to mixing, grid preparation, or curing, and have yielded pronounced benefits in commercial batteries at dozens of customer sites in numerous applications around the world. As discussed in the presentation, the following benefits have been found from production trials with MOLECULAR REBAR®: (i) Improved capacity retention with fixed charging protocols with the additive; (ii) Improved CCA duration with the additives in the negative; (iii) Significant improvements in cycle life (15%-80% increase in durability under JIS 8702 cycling protocol); (iv) electric-rickshaw operators, who use flooded tubular batteries, have reported more robust operation, which allows for more vehicle miles driven per day with less watering.

Jeremy Meyers
Black Diamond Structures
Director of Research and Development for Lead-Acid Batteries

Jeremy Meyers received a bachelor of science in chemical engineering at Stanford University and a PhD in chemical engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. He has served as the Director of Engineering at EnerVault, a Silicon Valley grid-scale energy storage start-up company, and as a member of the engineering faculty at the University of Texas at Austin. Jeremy is currently, the Director of Research and Development for Lead–Acid Batteries for Black Diamond Structures.