19 – 22 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





As our energy infrastructure changes from fossil fuels to renewables, storage is positioned to become an essential element of both electric grids and road transportation. To integrate energy storage into a renewable electric grid, stationary batteries that have high energy density and long cycle-life are required. On the other hand, batteries with high power and good charge-acceptance are in increasing demand for next-generation hybrid automobiles. Although traditional lead–acid battery technology is safe, reliable, cost-effective, and widely deployed, its performance under short discharge at high power is limited. Gridtential Energy, Inc. has developed the highly-scalable Silicon Joule® Technology, which integrates silicon wafer current-collectors into an advanced bipolar lead–acid battery. The superior material properties of silicon combined with efficient packaging results in an innovative technology with improved performance to meet stringent demands of future stationary and power applications. In addition, Silicon Joule current-collectors are manufactured by high-volume and low-cost solar processing techniques that are compatible with the ubiquitous and sustainable lead–acid battery-manufacturing base. Gridential has performed extensive tests on 6 V ‘alpha batteries’ under different cycling and environmental conditions. The results have shown good capacity retention at C/2 and C/4 discharge rates, mechanical resilience under vibration, and resistance to thermal runaway at high temperatures. The presentation will discuss the findings of an initial testing programme on the power capabilities and elucidate the growing opportunities for Silicon Joule® technology in renewable energy and automotive applications.

Collin Mui
Gridtential Energy Inc.
Lead Silicon Electrochemist

Dr Collin Mui holds a BA Sc in Chemical Engineering (Honours Chemistry) from the University of British Columbia, and a PhD in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He currently responsible for the development of the silicon wafer current-collector used in Gridtential’s Silicon Joule technology.