19 – 22 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





The Residential Photovoltaic Energy Storage System (PV ESS) project is a collaborative effort between the Institute for Infocomm Research, the Housing and Development Board, Narada and Singapore Power to promote and showcase ‘smart energy’ in Singapore, expanded R&D initiative to develop safe, reliable controllers for energy storage systems. The presentation describes how the project has highlighted several advantages of the PV ESS that include: (i) Improving reliability by using stored energy as a backup source during a power blackout; (ii) enhancing PV power quality; (iii) reducing energy cost; (iv) increasing flexibility through integration of solar PV and energy storage in a semi micro-grid setting. An advanced lead–carbon battery ― the Narada REXC ― was employed in the project. This design has a carbon material of high capacitance and high conductivity added to the negative electrode and thereby combines the attributes of a lead–acid battery and a supercapacitor. The success of the project promises to have a significant impact in accelerating the uptake of smart grid technology in Singapore, as well as in stimulating the local economy. The findings also provide guidance for future mass deployment of the PV ESS solution, and paves the way for implementing this advanced energy system beyond Singapore, in Asia and other countries.

Peter Ng
Narada Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Peter Ng has more than 25 years of experience in the power and battery industry. He is presently the Director of the Asia Pacific Regional Office (based in Singapore) of Narada Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. Peter’s team has led the company strategic growth transformation from being just a local Battery Trading office into the well-known Narada brand for battery expertise and energy-storage solutions across the Asia-Pacific region.